Fremont Dog Training Club

Class Descriptions

Beginning Class:
(Class is 6 one hour classes held once a week)

The Beginning Class is designed to help you, the owner, train your dog. Our classes range in size from 8 to 15. These limits are set to provide the optimum educational experience, which includes special individual attention if needed. The Beginning Obedience Course is offered for any dog 4½ months of age or older. It runs for a period of 6 weeks, with all training performed on leash. This introductory course is designed for the inexperienced trainer or the untrained dog.This course provides an excellent opportunity for the handler to become familiar with the standard obedience commands and for the dog to become comfortable interacting with other dogs. The commands and excercises covered in the beginning course are sit, sit/stay. down, down/stay, heel, come, and sit for exam.

Class Requirements:

Intermediate Class:
(Purchase 6 one hour classes at a time, use them over a 10 week period.)

The Intermediate Class is an on-going class intended for continued training after the beginning class. Designed for the handler and dog to reinforce their basic education while incorporating more advanced techniques and attention skills. Positive motivation and rewards using food and toys are used in this class. Training in the intermediate class is performed on and off leash. Lessons taught include heel on leash, figure eight, stand for examination, recall, heel free, one-minute sit, and three-minute down.

Class Requirements:

Novice Class:
(Weekly Drop-In classes are pay as you go)

Once the handler and dog have completed the Intermediate classes they may now progress to the Novice Class. This class reinforces all the skills learned in the Beginning/Intermediate classes and now works on perfecting those skills as the trainer/dog strive to work as a team and hopefully with the thought of showing the dog in competition, (Competition not mandatory).

Open Class:
(Weekly Drop-In classes are pay as you go)

This class is for the dog and handler that has accomplished the exercises presented in the Novice class. In the Open Class the dog advances to off leash heeling, learns to retrieve a dumbbell both on the flat and over a jump, learns the drop on recall (dropping on command as dog moves toward trainer) and the three-minute sit and five-minute down with the handler out of sight.

Utility Class:
(Weekly Drop-In classes are pay as you go)

Training in the Utility Class is performed off leash and with verbal and nonverbal (hand signal) commands. The Utility Class is for the master trainer and the veteran dog. Some of the exercises tackled in this one-hour session are the stand, stay, down, sit, and come commands utilitizing hand signals, the selection by scent alone of the handler's article (metal and leather) from among other articles, and retrieving one of three gloves as directed by the handler.

Rally Class:
(Weekly Drop-In classes are pay as you go)

Rally is a sport in which dog and handler walk through a designated course made up of signs that provide instructions regarding an obedience skill. The dog and handler move continuously at a normal to brisk pace through the course completing each sign as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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